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Stay in the middle of the dunes

The beautifully situated Zuiderduin Beach Hotel is the ideal location for a seaside holiday. With nature at your fingertips and many amenities, you are guaranteed a wonderful stay.

  • Lovely and modern hotel in the middle of the dunes
  • Zuiderduin Beach Club
  • Located at the only southern beach of the Netherlands
  • Licensed wedding venue
  • Two multifunctional meeting rooms

Weekend getaway in Zeeland

Are you looking for a modern hotel in Zeeland? You are at the right place at Fletcher Zuiderduin Beachhotel. The hotel in Westkapelle lies nearby the dunes and the beach. After a wonderful stroll at the beach you can enjoy a bite and a drink at Beachclub Zuiderduin with a beautiful view of the dunes and the sea. The culinary restaurant serves delicious fish and meat dishes from the French and Zeeuwse kitchen.

To feel completely rested again you can visit the sauna or the outside pool if the weather allows it. The hotel is also very suitable for business meetings with three multifunctional meeting rooms. The hotel is also the perfect location for parties, receptions or company events.

Gorgeous view over the dunes

The surroundings of Fletcher Zuiderduin Beachhotel are perfect for a stroll. You will be assured of an unique, natural surroundings where you can fully recharge. For instance to the beach or visit Polderhuis Westkapelle where history comes to life. Whatever you wish for, Fletcher Zuiderduin Beachhotel can offer you. 

Our team warmly welcomes you!

Terras van Fletcher Zuiderduin Beachhotel

Photos and videos 

Do you already want to get in the mood before you arrive at our hotel? Check out the photos and videos of our hotel here.

Photos and videos

Beachclub Zuiderduin

Zuiderduin Beach Club

Zuiderduin Beach Club is located directly behind the dunes of Zeeland, one of the finest beaches in the Netherlands. The Beach Club can be exclusively hired year round and is therefore ideal for corporate events, summer drinks and wedding parties.

Zuiderduin Beach Club


The wind in your hair on the beach of Westkapelle

The beach of Westkapelle is the only southern beach in the Netherlands. This makes it a good choice to enjoy, even in the autumn. Take a nice long walk on the beach. 


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